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Accor All Live Limitless

David recently filmed the leading role in a commercial for Accor with PSG in Paris working with leading players in the team including Lional Messi and Neymar.


Spitfire Over Berlin

David plays the role of Group Captain Dobson in the 2022 Tin Hat Productions feature "Spitfire Over Berlin" which will be released in cinemas, DVD and streaming in May 2022



David plays the role of Flight Lieutenant George Williams in the Tin Hat Productions Feature "Lancaster Skies". The movie was released in Cinemas in 2019 and will have a US DVD release in 2020


Mother Loose

In addition to his other work David writes, co-produces, directs and stars in an Adult Pantomime at the Stage Door Theatre in Southampton every year. This year saw a brand new version of "Mother Loose" which will showed in November/December 2023

Battle Over Britain

David plays the role of Group Captain in the recently released "Battle Over Britain" from Tin Hat Production. Now available to own or rent on Prime, Apple TV and Sky Store.

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